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1.2. Implementation

The Regina Rexx Interpreter is implemented as a library suitable
for linking into third-party applications.  Access to Regina from
third-party applications is via the Regina API, which is
consistent with the IBM’s  REXX  SAA API.  This API is implemented
on most other Rexx interpreters.

The library containing  Regina is available either as a static
library or as a dynamically loadable library.  The only functional
difference between the two libraries is that the ability to
dynamically load Rexx external function packages via the built-in
function; RxFuncAdd, is only available with the dynamically
loadable library.

The Regina distribution also includes a front end to the Regina
library, to enable the execution of Rexx programs directly from
the command line.  The command line referred to here relates to
the a Unix shell, an OS/2 or DOS command window or a Windows NT/95
command prompt.