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2.4.2 The ARG Instruction
     ARG [ template ] ;

The ARG instruction will parse the argument strings at the current
procedural level into the template. Parsing will be performed in
upper case mode. This clause is equivalent to:

     PARSE UPPER ARG [ template ] ;

For more information, see the PARSE instruction. Note that this is
the only situation where a multistring template is relevant.

Example: Beware assignments

The similarity between ARG and PARSE UPPER ARG has one exception.
Suppose the PARSE UPPER ARG has an absolute positional pattern as
the first element in the template, like:

     parse upper arg =(foo) bar

This is not equivalent to an ARG instruction, because ARG
instruction would become an assignment. A simple trick to avoid
this problem is just to prepend a placeholder period (.) to the
pattern, thus the equal sign (=) is no longer the second token in
the new ARG instruction. Also, unless the absolute positional
pattern is indirect, the equal sign can be removed without
changing the meaning of the statement.