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2.6.1 Environments in Regina 0.05h
External environments name stack
External environments names
OPTIONS settings
     Are saved across subroutines, just like other pieces of
     information, like conditions settings, NUMERIC settings, etc.
     See chapter Options for more information about OPTIONS

Return value
     To the program that called Regina is limited to being an
     integer, when this is required by the operating systems.  All
     current implementations are for operating systems that
     require this.

Default return value
     From a REXX program is 0 under most systems, specifically
     Unix, OS/2, MS-DOS.  Here, VMS deviates, since it uses 1 as
     the default return value. Using 0 under VMS tends to make VMS
     issue a warning saying that no error occurred.

Transferring control into a loop
     Works fine in Regina, as long as no END, THEN, ELSE, WHEN, or
     OTHERWISE instructions are executed afterwards; unless the
     normal entrypoint for the construct has been executed after
     the transfer of control.

PARSE SOURCE information
PARSE VERSION information
Last line of source code
     Is implicitly taken to be terminated by an end-of-line
     sequence in Regina, even if such a sequence is not present in
     the source code of the REXX script. This applies only to
     source code. Also, the end-of-string in INTERPRET strings is
     taken to be implicitly terminated by an end-of-line character

Moving code MS-DOS to Unix
     Is simplified by Regina, since it will accept the MS-DOS type
     end of line sequences as valid. I.e. any Ctrl-M in front of a
     Ctrl-J in the source file is ignored on Unix systems by
     Regina.  This applies only to source code.

     Is handles by Regina in the following way: A label can occur
     inside an INTERPRET string, but it is ignored, and can never
     be jumped to in a SIGNAL or CALL instruction.