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3.1.4 Error Messages
There are several errors that might occur in the built-in
functions.  Just one error message is only relevant for all the
built-in functions, that is number 40 (Incorrect call to routine).
In fact, an implementation of REXX can choose to use that for any
problem it encounters in the built-in functions.

Depending on the implementation, other error messages might be
used as well.  Error message number 26 (Invalid whole number)
might be used for any case where a parameter should have been a
whole number, or where a whole number is out of range.  It is
implied that this error message can be used in these situations,
and it is not explicitly mentioned in the description of the

Other general error messages that might be used in the built-in
functions are error number 41 (Bad arithmetic conversion) for any
parameter that should have been a valid REXX number. The error
message 15 (Invalid binary or hexadecimal string) might occur in
any of the conversion routines that converts from binary or
hexadecimal format (B2X(), X2B(), X2C(), X2D()). And of course the
more general error messages like error message 5 (Machine
resources exhausted) can occur.

Generally, it is taken as granted that these error messages might
occur for any relevant built-in function, and this will not be
restated for each function. When other error messages than these
are relevant, it will be mentioned in the text.

In REXX, it is in general not an error to specify a start position
that is larger than the length of the string, or a length that
refers to parts of a string that is beyond the end of that string.
The meaning of such instances will depend on the context, and are
described for each function.