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3.2.1. ABBREV(long,short[,length])

Returns 1 if the string short is strictly equal to the initial
first part of the string long, and returns 0 otherwise.  The
minimum length which short must have, can be specified as length.
If length is unspecified, no minimum restrictions for the length
of short applies, and thus the nullstring is an abbreviation of
any string.

Note that this function is case sensitive, and that leading and
trailing spaces are not stripped off before the two strings are

     ABBREV( ‘Foobar’, ‘Foo’ )     ->   1
     ABBREV( ‘Foobar’, ‘Foo’, 4)   ->   0  /*Too short */
     ABBREV( ‘Foobar’, ‘foo’ )     ->   0  /*Different case */