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3.2.23. DELWORD(string,start[,length])

Removes length words and all blanks between them, from string,
starting at word number start. The default value for length is the
rest of the string.  All consecutive spaces immediately after the
last deleted word, but no spaces before the first deleted word is
removed. Nothing is removed if length is zero.

The valid range of start is the positive whole numbers; the first
word in string is numbered 1. The valid range of length is the non-
negative integers. It is not an error if start or length (or a
combination of them) refers to more words than string holds.

     DELWORD(‘This is a test’, 3)       –> ‘This is ‘
     DELWORD(‘This is a test’, 2, 1)    –> ‘This a test’
     DELWORD(‘This is a test’, 2, 5)    –> ‘This’
     DELWORD(‘This is a test’, 1, 3)    –> ‘test’ /*No leading