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3.2.26. D2X(integer[,length])

Returns a hexadecimal number that is the hexadecimal
representation of integer. Integer must be a whole number under
the current settings of NUMERIC, it is not effected by the
precision of the built-in functions.

If length is not specified, then integer must be non-negative, and
the result will be stripped of any leading zeros.

If length is specified, then the resulting string will have that
length. If necessary, it will be sign-extended on the left side to
make it the right length. If length is not large enough to hold
integer, an error is reported.

     D2X(0)    –>   ‘0’
     D2X(127)  –>   ‘7F’
     D2X(128)  –>   ‘80’
     D2X(128, 5)    –>   ‘00080’x
     D2X(-128) –>   ‘80’x
     D2X(-10, 5)    –>   ‘ffff5’x