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3.2.31. INSERT(string1,string2[,position[,length[,padchar]]])

Returns the result of inserting string1 into a copy of string2. If
position is specified, it marks the character in string2 which
string1 it to be inserted after. Position must be a non-negative
whole number, and it defaults to 0, which means that string2 is
put in front of the first character in string1.

If length is specified, string1 is truncated or padded on the
right side to make it exactly length characters long before it is
inserted. If padding occurs, then padchar is used, or <space> if
padchar is undefined.

     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’)               –>   ‘SECONDfirst’
     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’, 3)            –>   ‘fiSECONDrst’
     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’, 3, 10)        –>   ‘fiSECOND
     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’, 3, 10, ‘*’)   –>
     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’, 3, 4)         –>   ‘fiSECOrst’
     INSERT(‘first’, ‘SECOND’, 8)            –>   ‘first  SECOND’