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3.2.38. MAX(number1[,number2]...)

Takes any positive number of parameters, and will return the
parameter that had the highest numerical value. The parameters may
be any valid REXX number. The number that is returned, is
normalized according to the current settings of NUMERIC, so the
result need not be strictly equal to any of the parameters.

Actually, the standard says that the value returned is the first
number in the parameter list which is equal to the result of
adding a positive number or zero to any of the other parameters.
Note that this definition opens for “strange” results if you are
brave enough to play around with the settings of NUMERIC FUZZ.

     MAX(1, 2, 3, 5, 4)  –>   ‘5’
     MAX(6)              –>   ‘6’
     MAX(-4, .001E3, 4)  –>   ‘4’
     MAX(1, 2, 05.0, 4)  –>   ‘5.0’