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3.2.57. TRUNC(number[,length])

Returns number truncated to the number of decimals specified by
length.  Length defaults to 0, that is return an whole number with
no decimal part.

The decimal point will only be present if the is a non-empty
decimal part, i.e. length is non-zero. The number will always be
returned in simple form, never exponential form, no matter what
the current settings of NUMERIC might be. If length specifies more
decimals than number has, extra zeros are appended. If length
specifies less decimals than number has, the number is truncated.
Note that number is never rounded, except for the rounding that
might take place during normalization.

     TRUNC(12.34)   >   12
     TRUNC(12.99)   >   12
     TRUNC(12.34, 4)     >   12.3400
     TRUNC(12.3456, 2)   >   12.34