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3.2.65. XRANGE([start][,end])

Returns a string that consists of all the characters from start
through end, inclusive. The default value for character start is
‘00’x, while the default value for character end is ‘ff’x.
Without any parameters, the whole character set in “alphabetic”
order is returned. Note that the actual representation of the
output from XRANGE() depends on the character set used by your

If the value of start is larger than the value of end, the output
will wrap around from ‘ff’x to ‘00’x. If start or end is not a
string containing exactly one character, an error is reported.

     XRANGE(‘A’, ‘J’)         –>   ‘ABCDEFGHIJ’
     XRANGE(‘FC’x)       –>   ‘FCFDFEFF’x
     XRANGE(, ‘05’x)          –>   ‘000102030405’x
     XRANGE(‘FD’x, ‘04’x)     –>   ‘FDFEFF0001020304’x