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3.3.3 REXX UNIX Interface Functions


Set string as current working directory.

A separate function is needed for this task in the current
implementation. But when commands are implemented using
pipes/sockets instead of the C function system(), this will not be
needed.  Then the REXX interpreter and its subprocesses have
different current directories.


Returns the named UNIX environment variable. If this variable is
not defined, a nullstring is returned.  It is not possible to use
this function to determine whether the variable was unset, or just
set to the nullstring.

This function is now obsolete, instead you should use:

     VALUE( environmentvar, ,‘SYSTEM’ )


This function returns the string associated with the errno error
number that errorno specifies. When some UNIX interface function
returns an error, it really is a reference to an error message
which can be obtained through UNIXERROR.

This function is just an interface to the strerror() function call
in UNIX, and the actual error messages might differ with the
operating system.

This function is now obsolete, instead you should use:

     ERRORTEXT( 100 + errorno )