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4.5.2 Extended built-in functions
Regina has a few extra built-in functions that are added to
support the debugging of the interpreter. Under some
circumstances, these might also be useful when debugging REXX
scripts. Note that these functions are not a part of standard REXX
and should never be used when portability is required. The
functions are:

     is used to explicitly raise a condition during execution of a
     REXX script. The interpreter will accept the execution of
     this function as an event, just as if the event had occurred.
     Returns the nullstring.

     is a function that will return information about the current
     settings of the condition indicator for condition, including
     the state of the flag, and the contents of the pending queue.
     If called without a parameter, it will return a <space>-
     separated list of those conditions which have non-empty
     pending condition queue.

     is a functions that returns the status information about a
     trigger at the current procedure level.  The information
     returned will be the state, the method and the condition
     handler. If called without a parameter, a <space>-separated
     list of condition enabled (state ON or DELAY) at the current
     procedure level, is returned.

These functions are described in detail elsewhere. Note that these
functions will only be available if the interpreter was compiled
with the certain preprocessor flag set. If the code was included
in the compilation, the availability of these function will still
be dependent on the selection of extensions with the clause
OPTIONS, where the extension DBG_FUNCS should be chosen. See
chapter on extensions for more information.