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5.13.8 Functionality to be Implemented Later
This section lists the functionality not yet in Regina, but which
is intended to be added later. Most of these are fixes to
problems, compatibility modes, etc.

[Indirect naming of streams.]
     Currently, streams are named directly, which is a convenient.
     However, there are a few problems: for instance, it is
     difficult to write to a file which name is <stdout>, simply
     because that is a reserved name. To fix this, an indirect
     naming scheme will be provided through the STREAM()< built-in
     function. The functionality will resemble the OPEN() built-in
     function of ARexx.

[Consistence in filehandle swapping.]
     When a file handle is currently swapped out in order to avoid
     filling the system file table, very little checking of
     consistency is currently performed. At least, vital
     information about the file should be retained, such as the
     inode and file system for Unix machines retrieval by the
     fstat() call. When the file is swapped in again, this
     information must be checked against the file which is
     reopened. If there is a mismatch, NOTREADY should be raised.
     Similarly, when reopening a file because of a new access mode
     is requested, the same checking should be performed.

[Files with holes.]
     Regina will be changed to allow it to generate files with
     holes for system where this is relevant. Although standard
     REXX does not allow this, it is a very common programming
     idiom for certain systems, and should be allowed. It will,
     however, be controllable through a extension called