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8.1. Overview of functions in SAA

The functionality of the interface is divided into some main

    Subcommand handlers
     which trap and handle a command to an  external environment.
    External function handlers
     extend the REXX language with external functions
     REXX scripts, either from a disk  file, or from memory.
    Variable interface
     which makes it possible to access the variables in the
     interpreter, and allows operations like setting, fetching and
     dropping variables.
    System exits
     which are used to hook into certain key points in the
     interpreter while it executes a script.

In the following sections each of these areas are described in
detail, and a number of brief but complete examples are given at
the end of the chapter.

The description is of a highly technical nature, since it is
assumed that the reader will be an application programmer seeking
information about the interface. Therefore, much of the content is
given as prototypes and C style datatype definitions. Although
this format is cryptic for non-C programmers, it will convey
exact, compact, and complete information to the intended readers.
Also, the problems with
ambiguity and incompleteness that often accompany a descriptive
prose text are avoided.