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8.1.4 Data structures and data types

In this section, some data structures and datatypes relevant to
the application interface to REXX are defined and described. The
datatypes defined are:

     Holds a REXX string.
     Holds a definition of a system exit handler. Used when
     starting a  REXX script with RexxStart(), and when defining
     the system exit handlers.

The datatypes used in the SAA API are defined in rexxsaa.h. They

     typedef char CHAR ;
     typedef short SHORT ;
     typedef long LONG ;
     typedef char *PSZ ;
     typedef CHAR *PCHAR ;
     typedef SHORT *PSHORT ;
     typedef LONG *PLONG ;
     typedef unsigned char UCHAR ;
     typedef unsigned short USHORT ;
     typedef unsigned long ULONG ;
     typedef USHORT *PUSHORT ;
     typedef char *PCH ;
     typedef unsigned char *PUCHAR ;
     typedef ULONG APIRET;
     typedef APIRET (APIENTRY *PFN)();

One other item needs mentioning; APIENTRY.  This value is used to
specify the linkage type on OS/2 and Win32 platforms.  It is
assumed that this value #defined by inclusion of compiler-specific
header files in rexxsaa.h.  Under Unix, this is #defined to