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8.2.5 The RexxQuerySubcom() function

This function retrieves information about a previously registered
subcommand handler. The prototype of the function is:

     APIRET APIENTRY RexxQuerySubcom(
           PSZ EnvName,
           PSZ ModuleName,
           PUSHORT Flag,
           PUCHAR UserWord
     ) ;

The significance of the parameters are:

          Pointer to an ASCII NUL terminated character string,
          which names the subcommand handler about which
          information is to be returned.
          Pointer to an ASCII NUL terminated character string,
          which names a dynamic link library. Only the named
          library will be searched for the subcommand handler
          named by  EnvName. This parameter must  be NULL if all
          subcommand handlers are to be searched.
          Pointer to a short which is to receive the value
          RXSUBCOM_OK or RXSUBCOM_NOTREG. In fact, this is the
          same as the return value from the function.
          Pointer to an area of 8 bytes. The userarea of the
          subcommand  handler is copied to the area pointed to by
          UserWord. This parameter might be NULL if the data of
          the userarea is  not needed.

The returned value from RexxQuerySubcom() can be one of:

          The subcommand handler was found, and the required
          information has  been returned in the Flag and  UserWord
          The subcommand handler was not found. The Flag variable
          will also be set to this value, and the UserWord
          variable is not changed.
          One or more of the parameters had illegal values, and
          the operation was not carried through.