Make your own free website on RXINI  The Initialization Exit Handler

RXTER and this exit handler are a bit different from the others.
RXINI provides the application programmer with a method of getting
control before the execution of the script starts. Its main
purpose is to enable manipulation of the variable pool in order to
set up certain variables before the script starts, or set the
trace mode.

It has only one subfunction, RXINIEXT, called once during each
call to RexxStart(): just before the first REXX statement is
interpreted.  Variable manipulations performed during this exit
will have effect when the script starts.

As there is no information to be communicated during this exit,
the value of  ParmBlock is undefined.  It makes no difference
whether you return RXEXIT_HANDLED or RXEXIT_NOT_HANDLED, since
there is no situation to handle.