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                         Regina 0.08e
                         26 June 1998

Changes in this release (from 0.08d)

o Fixed a bug in Termination System Exit. It would not get called
  if the Rexx program uses the EXIT instruction to terminate.
o Fixed the problem in execiser where variables that have no value are
  specified in lower case in System Exits, do not return their name
  in upper case as thier default value.
o The UNAME BIF now reports more useful information when running under
  Windows NT or Windows 95.
o Fixed a couple of crash situations when LEAVEing from a DO/END loop.
  Thanks to Florian Grosse-Coosmann for supplying the fixes.
o The Regina, curses interface and demo program hanoi.rexx have been
  removed from this distribution.  They are distributed as a seperate
  package under the name Rexx/Curses.
  or write to/from stdout if the first parameter is the empty string.
o The BIF POPEN now writes lines onto the stack in FIFO order rather
  than LIFO order.
o Added support for piping output of an operating system command to
  RXQUEUE.  While Regina does not have an external queue, it is possible
  to do:
  'ls | rxqueue'
  Do While Queued() > 0
    Parse Pull line
    Say line
  The above support is identical to the current >FIFO redirection
  support and is provided for portability in code (but not functionality)
o Fixed OPTIONS support. Due to the way it was implemented, OPTIONS
  would not work correctly on Intel-based machines.
o Added two extra OPTIONS keywords: EXT_COMMANDS_AS_FUNCS and
  The first relates to Regina's default behaviour of trying to execute
  an operating system command as a function, if no internal or external
  Rexx program is found.
  The second relates to Regina's default behaviour of sending error
  messages and trace output to stderr.
o Added new switches for configure script; --enable-tracemem and
  --disable-flists. Both of these switches are really only useful for
  people debugging Regina itself. Similarly when building on other
  platforms that use 'make' directly, the equivalent switches are:
     TRACEMEM=Y    - Do memory tracing (only valid with DEBUG=Y)
     FLISTS=N      - Turn off use of Regina's memory management
  The DEBUG=Y switch under EMX also sets -fbounds-checking
o Fixed and enhanced the debugging functions; dumptree() and dumpvars().
o Fixed a bug with passing a variable to a function (not modified with
  PROCEDURE keyword) and changing its value within that function.
  Thanks to Florian Grosse-Coosmann for supplying the fixes.
o Added a new file to the distribution; BUGS. This gives examples of
  code that can cause Regina to crash or produce the wrong results.
o Fixed a bug with the EMX ports of Regina, that returned the full
  filename from STREAM( filename, 'C', QUERY EXISTS) without the drive
  specification and forward slashes instead of back slashes for directory
o Fixed a problem with specification of single-character arguments to
  BIFs like STRIP().  The ANSI standard appears to allow any string in 
  these cases as long as it starts with the appropriate character.
  <<< I'm not so sure about this now! >>>
o Fixed an error with STREAM BIF: stream(filename,'C','APPEND') would
  not append. stream(filename,'C','OPEN WRITE APPEND') works fine.
o The OS/2 EMX port now builds regina.exe, regina.dll and the sample
  test?.dll(s) for the dynfunc.rexx sample program.
o Changed PARSE SOURCE output to suppress the fourth value. This was
  inconsistent with the ANSI standard and caused problems for programs
  that used the third value, expecting spaces in the file name,
o Under DOS, OS/2 and Win95/NT, all files were opened in text mode. This
  caused a problem with CHAROUT(filename,"line 1" || '0a'x), where the
  line-feed character was being converted into a CR and LF. All files now
  read in binary mode.
o Regina now expects a new format for the name of external function 
  libraries under Unix. Prior to this release, Regina would take
  the second parameter passed to the RXFUNCADD() function literally.
  The sample external function packages built with Regina were named
  test1.rxlib and test2.rxlib.  The sample program; dynfunc.rexx then
  required a test of platform to determine what the name of the external
  function package was.  Regina now follows the way that Object Rexx
  determines the name of the external function library. Thus, the
  "test1" external function package has a file name of the form:


     where:  lib    - "standard" Unix library prefix
              - the name of the external function package
               - the suffix used for shared libraries for a
                      particular Unix variant

  Thus the "test1" external function package is called:  - HPUX
     libtest1.a   - AIX  - All other Unix variants.

  One other thing to be aware of.  The name specified in the RXFUNCADD()
  function; paramter 2 IS CASE SENSITIVE.  Thus if you specify:

     Call RxFuncAdd('Test1LoadFuncs', 'TEST1', 'Test1LoadFuncs')

  Regina will look for libTEST1.
o Fixed bug with STREAM BIF; stream(filename,'C','OPEN') would fail.

Please report any bugs with this release of Regina to me.

Cheers, Mark.
 Mark Hessling                 Email:   
 PO Box 203                    Phone:                    +617 3802 0800
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