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                         Regina 0.08g
                        ?????????? 1999

Changes in this release (from 0.08f)

o Fixed bugs as described in BUGS file.
o Added QNX port.
o Fixed sort order of results from POPEN BIF.
o DOS, OS/2 and Win32 ports now process stdin, stdout and stderr in
  binary mode. 08f only did this for Win32 platform, and only for 
  stdout and stderr.
o Major change to lexical analyser; should be a bit faster.
o More changes to BIFs for ANSI compliance.
  LINES BIF now by default, returns 1 or 0 to indicate if there are
  lines remaining in the stream.  To get the actual number of lines
  (as Regina used to do), use LINES(stream,'C').
o ERRORTEXT now allows for decimal arguments to generate sub-error
  message text. eg. Errortext(40.1)
o Fixed bug in STREAM QUERY DATETIME for files with timestamp in 21st
o Fixed a bug with the traceback on an error being out by one line when
  the first line of the Rexx program is the special "#!" magic number.
o Fixed a bug with repeated calls to RexxStart() API.  Regina would
  run out of file handles.
o Fixed bug with RexxRegisterFunctionExe/RexxDeregisterFunction calls.
  The deregister function wouldn't completely remove references to the
  specified external function, and the next call to register the
  same function within the same process would fail.
o Added new OPTIONS; ANSI and FAST_LINES_BIF_DEFAULT.  To get the old 
  default behaviour of Regina's LINES BIF, add the following line to
  the start of your code:
  The ANSI option (on by default) includes FAST_LINES_BIF_DEFAULT.
o The STREAM BIF SEEK command is now functional.
o Fixed bug in RexxVariablePool interface which prevented getting a list
  of all variables more than once. Fixed bug in execiser.c that expected
  the previous behaviour.
o When an error is returned from the STREAM BIF, it now reports errors
  other than 2. ie the '2' in 'ERROR:2' is now replaced by the correct
  error number.
o Added DIRECTORY and BEEP BIFs of OS/2. BEEP doesn't work on all platforms.
o Added OS/2 function FILESPEC; Win32 code courtesy of Mark Stern.
o Fixed bug with checking for EOF on transient streams.
o Fixed bug in RexxVariablePool API when retreiving a Rexx compound variable
  that has a mixed or lower case stem value.  This same bug is in OS/2 Rexx!
o Changed the method of determinig a random seed for RANDOM BIF if one not
o Combined the thread-safe version of Les Moull into the main source
  distribution.  The thread-safe code is only implemented on the Win32 
  platform and only in the version of REXX.DLL supplied by Les.
o Added new API functions; RexxFreeMemory(), to free the memory that the
  interpreter allocates in calls to RexxVariablePool() etc. and
  RexxAllocMemory() to allocate memory for passing return values longer
  than 256 characters.
o Changed behaviour of trace setting command line switches. The trace
  character specified on the command line will set the trace setting for
  the whole program and will result in all TRACE commands being ignored.
o CONDITION('E') now returns the error number that caused the condition,
  in decimal format suitable for passing to ERRORTEXT BIF. (see above)
o Regina used to raise a NOTREADY condition if the last line of a file
  was not terminated with an end-of-line (LF or CRLF).  This has now
  been changed to treat an incomplete last line as a "normal" line.
o Fixed bug with running instore macros which had internal subroutines.
  An error in parsing caused the list of labels to be lost.

Please report any bugs with this release of Regina to me.

Many of the improvements in this release were done by Florian Grosse-Coosmann.
I would like to thank him for his efforts in helping to make Regina a better

Cheers, Mark.
* Mark Hessling,
* Author of THE, a Free XEDIT/KEDIT editor and, Rexx/SQL
* Maintainer of PDCurses: Public Domain Curses and, Regina Rexx interpreter
* Use Rexx ? join the Rexx Language Association: