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                       Regina 0.08g
                       for Win95/NT

This file contains 32 bit executables of the Regina Rexx interpreter for
Win95/NT, and some sample programs, most of which are designed to test
new features of this interpreter.

Regina is distributed under the GNU Library General Public Licence.
See COPYING-LIB for details.

This port of Regina to Win95/NT differs from the port of Regina on the
Windows NT Resource Kit in two ways:

1)  This port is sanctioned by the author of Regina, Anders Christensen.
2)  This port does not provide any OLE or Win32 support nor does it
    provide builtin access to the Registry.  It does however, provide the
    standard Rexx API.  This enables C programs written under OS/2 and 
    Unix that use the standard API, to be easily ported to Win95/NT.
    It also means that C programs written using Quercus Rexx and Object
    Rexx under Win95/NT to be recompiled using Regina, and C programs
    written for Regina to be recompiled using Quercus Rexx or Object
    The Win32 functions that were built into Regina are available as
    an external function package from

The files in this archive are:

README       - this file
README.08x   - readme files for 0.08 release of Regina
COPYING-LIB  - GNU Library General Public Licence
file_id.diz  - Description file for BBS use
regina.exe   - 32bit Regina Rexx interpreter executable
regina.dll   - 32bit Regina Rexx interpreter dynamic library
regina.lib   - Import library for other 32bit Win95/NT C compilers
rexxsaa.h    - Header file for access to regina.dll
test1.dll    - Sample external function packages; used by dynfunc.rexx
test2.dll      demo Rexx program
demo\*.rexx  - Sample Rexx programs

Installation is simply a matter of copying the regina.exe and regina.dll
files into a directory specified in your PATH environment variable.

If you wish to be able to run Rexx programs automatically, ie without
specifying the regina.exe or the file extension, then run the following
Windows commands from a command prompt: (you only need to do this once)
Note: The following commands will only work under NT; they are not
supported under Windows 95/98.

C:\> ftype Regina=c:\bin\regina.exe %1 %*
C:\> assoc .rexx=Regina
C:\> set PATHEXT=%PATHEXT%;.rexx

The above commands assume that regina.exe is in c:\bin and that you
only want to execute Rexx programs that have an extension of .rexx.
Add another ASSOC command to associate files with other extensions.

You will probably want to have the set PATHEXT statement in your
autoexec.bat (Win95) or set in the Environment section of the System
Control Panel applet (WinNT).

Please report any bugs with this release of Regina to me, NOT to Anders.
Most likely the bugs are of my origin, so I will attempt to fix them.
As with previous bugs fixed by me, I will pass these fixes on to Anders.

Cheers, Mark.
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