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Version 0.10 (January 2004)
By Satguru P Srivastava (


The "SqrParser" plugin provides a quick and easy way to navigate through and visualize the structure of your SQR pgm.


The minimum requirements are


You can install it manually or automatically.

To install it manually

To install it automatically, use the jEdit Plugin Manager

In addition to SqrPlugin you will also have to install the SideKick plugin and optionally the ErrorList plugin.

Getting Started

The Plugin is very simple and straight forward to use. It displays the structure of your sqr program in the form of a tree, within a window called the “Structure Browser”.

To display the “Structure Browser” go to jEdit Menu > Plugins > SideKick > Structure Browser.
Once the window is displayed you can move around your program by clicking different parts of the tree inside the window.
If you click a node on the tree, the Structure Browser would move the cursor over to the line containing the procedure, the 'do' or the 'include' phrase.
If you click a node while pressing the Shift key, the Structure browser would select the whole procedure , the 'do' or 'include' line referred to by that node.
If you click a node while pressing the Ctrl key, the Structure browser would display the whole procedure , the 'do' or 'include' line referred to by that node and hide the rest of the code. Clicking another node would redisplay the rest of the code.
As you move around your code the corresponding node on the tree is automatically selected.

Clicking the refresh button will force the Structure Browser to parse and refresh the tree.
You can also set options to automatically parse at certain time intervals or when certain events occur.
To do so go to jEdit 'Global Options' and set the appropriate properties of the SideKick Plugin

The SideKick plugin also enable 'folding' of your program. 'Folding' is a jEdit feature using which you can selectively display portion of the code. Imagine your program written on a piece of paper .You fold away all the parts you are not interested in and just unfold the ones you want to work on. Folding can be done based on couple of criteria. The parser result can be one of them. Go to jEdit Menu> Utilities >Global Options > Editing > Folding to use Structure Browser for folding. See jEdit help for more information on folding.

The Structure browser can also be docked using jEdit 'Global options', docking.

The SqrParser plugin works in conjunction with the SideKick plugin. When you open a file in the jEdit editor, the SideKick plugin checks to see if there is a parser plugin available for it. If it finds one, it calls the parser to parse the file.
In the case of a an sqr file it calls the SqrParser to parse the file. SqrParser parses the file looking for heading, footings, reports, procedures etc and passes the result back to the SideKick plugin.
The SideKick plugin displays the results in a tree format in the 'Structure Browser' window.
It sends any error messages, captured during parsing, to the Errolist Plugin. Th messages are displayed in the Errorlist plugin window. Clicking an error message in the Errorlist window highlights the erring line and moves the cursor to that line.

To Do

This is the first version of the plugin and as such has limited functionalities. The following are additional features being looked into for future releases.

Some of the features would depend on additional enhancements to the SideKick plugin. Right now SideKick plugin doesn't provide for attaching actions and menus to the browser window. Hopefully we would have those options soon.
I also have another plugin under development. This would allow one to set various SQR run time options and run the SQR pgm from within the jEdit environment. The log and lis files will be automatically displayed within jEdit.

Change log

Version 0.10 (January 2004)


I look forward to any feedback, suggestions and bug reports. Email them to me at the following address

Satguru Srivastava