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4.6. Possible Future extensions

    Here is a list of possible future extensions to REXX which
  has not been implemented into Regina. Some of these exist in other
  implementations of REXX, and some of them are just suggestions or
  ideas thrown around by various people.

    Another extension could have been included, but have been
  left out so far. It is the delay-action, which in standard REXX
  can be either to ignore or to queue. There is at least one other
  action that make sense: to replace. That is, when a trap is in
  state DELAY, and a new condition has been raised, the pending
  queue is emptied, before the new condition is queued. That way,
  the new condition will effectively replace any conditions already
  in the queue.

    If there are several new conditions raised while the
  condition handler is executing (and the trap state is DELAY), only
  the very last of them is remembered.

    It should be possible to set the state for a trap to DELAY,
  so that any new instances of the condition is handles by the delay-
  action. As a special case, the SYNTAX condition trap might not be
  set in state DELAY